Hydropower Calculator

Hydro Power Calculator
A very small script that will calculate the theoretical potential hydropower of a certain stream.If Discharge Carrying Capacity(cubic meter/sec) of the stream,available Head(meter) and specific weight of water is given(kg/cubic meter), the calculator will calculate the potential hydropower(P) of the stream in m kg/sec.The same value can be found in horse power or in kilowatt if the unit is changed.If 'hp' is written in place of given unit of the calculated potential power, then P will be in horse power and if 'kW' is written,P will be in kilo watt.

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Software developed by Mrinmoy Majumder

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    Discharge Carrying Capacity of the Stream   m3/sec  
    Head   m  
    Specific Weight of Water   kg/m3  
    Potential Power of the Stream mkg/sec

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