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New Trends in Sustainability Research

12th Sept 2021.Archive.

Natural Alternative to Plastic Bottles

The bottle is made from natural bioplastic that could replace plastic bottles . How to make the bottle sustainable ? The cap to the wrapper, is made from 100% biodegradable materials.Such bottles can be recycled completely and will also not harm the environment or add to the plastic wastes.Example : Veganbotttle

Regenerative agriculture

Increase in CO2 emissions  by the various industries like food production,life style,fashion etc, are one of the major cause of global warming. However, natural solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere can offset the impact of increased GHGs in the atmosphere. Regenerative Farming is supposed to be one such solution.


Incorporating storm water retention areas or bioswales to prevent runoff for smart management of water having the goal to recharge ground water.
Wise water management with smart landscape planning has the potential to become one of the most sought after research topic in the coming decade.


Water Quality Indicator

This indicator will help you to detect the quality of water you consume daily. Whether it is suitable for drinking or it is best used in washing and bathing ? Some times the quality of water will indicate how optimally you can use the supplied water for satisfying your needs.

Electricity Conservation Indicator

A simple indicator to monitor your use of electricity. It measures and compare your electricity use with the help of a scale of usabilty. The value of the indicator inversely varies with conservation of electricity. That means more the ECI more measure is required to reduce electricity consumption.

Water Conservation Indicator

A simple indicator to monitor your use of water. It measures and compare your water use with the help of a  scale of usabilty. The value of the indicator inversely varies with conservation of water. That means more the WCI more measure is required to reduce water consumption.

Start Up Ideas

Related Ideas for launching a Start Up. Browse the Archive also.

Smart Harvester for Extreme Climate

An app which by retrieving the local weather information can predict the potential of the area for harvesting specific crops
Area of Application/Consumers  : Cultivators,Urban Farmers

Micro-Submarine for Water Quality Monitoring

Sub-Water Marine System For Under Water Quality Monitoring.
Area of Application/Consumers  : Shipping, Tourism,Hotel, Water Park Industries. 

Flood Forecasting with BIRR and Wildfire Impacts

Flood Forecasting Models considering BIRR and Wildfire Impacts.
Area of Application/Consumers : Energy, Insurance,Tourism Industries

Jobs and Scholarship

Opportunities Available. Browse the Archive also.

Internship programme in IWA

Location : London (UK) ,Beijing and Nanjing (China), and Chennai (India).
Keywords : IWA,water,Netherlands

Hydrologist [International Expert]

Location : Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Keywords: Hydrologist Project Management Large Scale Dam Rehabilitation 

Consultant – Flood Model development

Location : Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Catastrophe Models Mid-Senior level Hazard Analysis 

Call For Papers

12th Sept 2021. Archive.

Water Safety Planning 2022

22nd -24th of June 2022
Deadline for Abstract submission
1st Dec 2021

3rd Asia Conference on Renewable Energy And Environmental Engineering (AREEE 2022)

Mar 27, 2022 - Mar 29, 2022
Deadline of Submission 
Nov 5, 2021

International Conference on Biological, Agricultural & Environmental Science (ICBAES)

30th May 2022
Deadline of Submission
Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India


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