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Ten most used computer models for prediction of cyclonic storms

It is to be noted that not one model is efficient enough to predict such stochastic phenomena. That is why multiple models are used to approximate the occurrence/track/intensity or all three aspects of a cyclonic storm(any storm having more than 79 mph wind speed)....Subscribe
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Frequency : Monthly
Theme Topic : Hydrology and Water Quality
Edition 2 : Application of AI in Water Resource Management(ComingSoon)
Edition 1 : Six types of filters mostly used in purifying water for city dwellers

Ten Novel and Innovative Examples of Water Energy Nexus

Managing water in energy production and optimizing the use of energy for clean water production is known as Water-Energy Nexus and in recent years one of the most popular topics of research...Subscribe

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Water Energy Nexus

Frequency : Bimonthly
Theme Topic : Water eneregy Nexus,Water and energy Management
Edition 1 : Five most used load forecasting models

5 innovative ways to use IoT in Agriculture

Smart agriculture sensors, Drones, Livestock tracking, Remotely controlled Greenhouses and predictive framework for estimating production rate or farm management software(FMS) are the five major ways by which IoT is applied in agriculture and feedstock management to achieve the objective of maximum yield under minimum cost...Subscribe
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Innovate For Sustainability

Frequency : Tri-monthly
Theme Topic : sustainability,agriculture,automation
Edition 1 : Smart Farms

How to determine whether your article is suitable for a journal ?

You had written a research article now you are trying to find a suitable journal to publish this manuscript. Most of the publishers and also some individual websites have developed a Journal Finder Tool where if you paste your article or abstract of the article then the software will show you the most suitable journals for that article. The problem is it does not say whether your article is suitable for publication in that journal or not. Every journal has its own criteria which look into the articles submitted for possible publication in that journal...Subscribe.
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Research Methodology

Frequency : Bi-monthly
Theme Topic : research methodology,statistics,simumation andf iterations
Edition 1 : How To Write A Research Paper


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Mrinmoy Majumder

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Dr.Mrinmoy is actively working in sustainable use and management of water and energy resources.He has keen interest in water-energy nexus,use of informatics in water and energy management.He have authored more than 10 books and 25 papers from international publishers and SCIE journals.He is the founding editor (hon) of this ezine and presently works as Assistant Professor in National Institute of Technology Agartala.
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