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20th Mar 2020 : Invitation to Webinar on Optimization in drinking water systems.Conducted by IWA.Click here.

19th Mar 2020: A periodical climatic phenomena known as "MISO" causes an extreme wet and extreme dry conditions in India and Sri Lanka. A new study is trying to establish a link between the MISO and upsurface oceanic activities.Click here.

16th Feb 2020 : An idea for doing research in the field of water-energy nexus.Click here for more info.

Water,Energy and Informatics

Last Updated on : 20th Mar 2020

Invitation to Webinar on optimization in drinking water system (CFP,Shared) : as posted by IWA
A webinar is to be conducted by IWA on optimization of drinking water systems.
Click here to join 

Hydro-Energy Feed

Last Updated on : 19 Mar 2020

MISO and Oceanic Activities (News,Shared) : A team of researcher from the US Naval Research Laboratory, University of Notre Dame, and the National Aquatic Research and Resources Agency in Sri Lanka are presently carrying out a research to establish a link between the MISO and the oceanic characteristics.

See the full news by clicking the link here.

RivGen Power System (News,Shared) : A portable power generation system which can generate 40kW of energy from no or minimum head was developed and identified in a contest organized by DOE. The device is known as RivGen Power System and can use the flow of stream or river to produce power. The same system was  implemented to supply energy to the riverside villages.More details can be found from energy.gov.

Water and Energy Nexus

Last Updated on : 16th Feb 2020

Application of Nature Based Optimization Techniques in Optimizing Water Used in Renewable Energy Systems
(Research Idea,BP Original)
The engineering advancements and burgeoning population have aggravated the requirements of energy. As the typical fuel resources are limited, the recent trend of energy demand has enforced concerns on the availability of fossil based fuels.The disturbance in the price of crude oil is one of the effect of this growing demand.That is why the renewable energy systems like hydro power, solar, wind, wave, tidal etc. has become a topic of concern and research...More info.

Energy Consumption Indicator
(Apps,Dev by BP)
Irregular Household energy consumption is attributed to be one of the major cause of energy scarcity and increasing dependence on fossil fuels.The rising cost of electricity is another reason why we must monitor our energy use.This app will help you to analyze your energy use and it will alert you when you are over using and whether you are under using the resource allocated to you...Click here to Access the apps.

Concept of Meta-heuristics

Last Updated on : 15th Feb 2020

Weighted Sum Method
(Howto,BP Original)

A simple method of weighted aggregation can be used to select the best option out of many alternatives to solve a decision making problem.A simple tutorial can demonstrate the simplicity of the method...Click here.

Weighted Product Method
(Howto,BP Original)

Weighted Product Method or WPM is a type of Multi Criteria Decision Making method which can detect the best alternative out of many options available by the help of the magnitude of the alternatives and the weight of importance assigned to the criteria with which the alternatives are evaluated.See how can this method help you to select the best solution out of many available solutions.

How to calculate auto and cross correlation coefficients of time series data set? (Howto,BP Original)

Auto and Cross Correlation Coefficient are the two terms which are used to indicate the serial and cross correlationship within a single and between two time series.Higher the auto or cross correlation higher will be the level of relationship. Download or Watch the Presentation from here : Auto and Cross Correlation 

Make your filter SMART

Last Updated on 15th Feb 2020

How to remove pollutants from rural water ?
(Howto,BP Original)

A filter can be used to treat urban as well as rural water. The most common contaminants of rural surface water are impurities released from the fertilizers and pesticides used for unhindered growth of crops and plants . To know how to select a filter which can remove contaminants specific to rural water, a presentation was prepared which can be accessed from here.

How to remove pollutants from urban water ?
(Howto,BP Original)

If you use a filter to produce drinking water, it is better to evaluate the source of water and available types of filters before its application.This power point will show the process of selection of a filter configuration for urban water sources....Click here.

How to select the best water filter for your daily use ?
(Howto,BP Original)

Water filter is solely responsible for maintaining the health of its consumer.There are various types of filters which is developed in combination of different types of purification materials.The type and function of the materials will decide the efficacy and cost of the arrangement.The desired type of efficacy can only be achieved if filter materials are optimally arranged.This presentation shows you how ?


Last Updated on : 09 Feb 2020

Water Consumption Indicator 
(Apps,Dev by BP)
A new apps to approximate your water use and to understand whether you are using more than required...Click here to Access the App.

Climate Change Indicator 
(Apps,Dev by BP)
As all of you know that climate is changing with time..whether you believe it or not. Although not all the areas of the World is equally affected but some places are already facing the wrath of the extreme climates due to the change in regular pattern of the local climate. How much change can be observed in your place...Calculate by yourself...Click here.


Last updated on : 27th Sept 2019

Solution to pesticide problem : Using Ducks to function as pesticide. See the video shared from World Economic Forum and found in Linkedin. Click here to access the video.

Remote Sensing and GIS

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The technological advancement has upgraded the living standard of the burgeoning population but their basic needs remains unsatisfied.
Due to uncontrolled extraction of the natural resources and advancement of technology has induced massive amount of need for energy.
As a result to extract energy, forests are destroyed resulting in desertification which become indicative by the rising temperature of the World.This rising temperature or global warming is identified to be the one of the reason why the demand for energy has also increased.However conventional energy sources are finite thus under high stress.
As a consequence,innovating new concepts which will ensure our society to be energy sustainable is urgently required.On the other hand global warming induced climate change has imbibed scarcity of water which has only been aggravated with the ever-growing population and large scale destruction of natural resources.To prevent this situation some novel but sustainable solutions are required.
The newsletter "Innovate for Sustainability" tries to provide a platform to those innovators who are constantly working for innovative solution to the most significant problem of this century : the optimal management of water and energy resources.This publication will share latest developments,news and views,ideas for innovations,tutorials,apps and special features on topics which can help to develop sustainable solutions.Available scholarship and funding opportunities from this field is also included.This newsletter is published at an monthly basis in both print and online mode.Against this subscription the customer will receive six copies of the newsletter in the next six months.
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