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Welcome to Baipatra.

This site was launched to help like minded people to share whatever they have found to be useful with the group members or they can view whatever is shared by the group members. All the Groups are based on popular topic of research from the field of water engineering.

Become a part of the groups and be updated on your topic of research :

Topic of Interest : Climate Change and Models

Description : We share current news,journal,conferences,tools,software etc. related to the topic of climate change and models.

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Topic of Interest : Water Based Renewable Energy

Description : If you are interested in hydroenergy,wave,tidal and other water based renewable energy sources and their optimal utilization, this is your group

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Topic of Interest : Artificial Neural Network

Description : Everybody is interested in ANN.We want to share the latest updates related to ANN and its applications in water engineering.

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Topic of Interest : GIS and Remote Sensing

Description : The GIS and Remote Sensing is a tool which can represent data variations in a spatial domain.These tools along with the study of image processing is one of the most popular topic of research which are aptly applied to solve problems which varies geospatially.The group targets to update its members about the latest events and developments from this field of research.
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Topic of Interest : Optimization Techniques

Description : The techniques to find an optimal solution from a feasible region is regularly innovated and every other day one or more novel method of identifying the ideal region is proposed and applied to solve problems from nearly all the fields of research.This group is developed to share about these techniques, there applications, strength and weakness, among the group members.

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Topic of Interest : Multi Criteria Decision Making(MCDM)

Description : Decision making is one of the most common activity that we make to solve day to day as well as complex scientific problems.A cognitive and objective method of decision making will always lead to the optimal solution.This group was launched to share about the latest happenings related to this concept.

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Topic of Interest : Water and Environment Modeling

Description : The models developed to solve water and environment problems are regularly modified to create more optimal versions so that such problems can be solve in a better way.This group aims to share within its members the latest new models and/or development of modified versions of the old models so that more development in this field of study can take place.

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Topic of Interest : Energy in Style

Description : Energy is scarce.Renewable energy is expensive.So new and innovative methods are being developed to optimally utilize the available resources in such a manner that wastage of energy are prevented. Group members share news, papers, books comprising casestudies of maximum utilization of energy resources.

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Topic of Interest : Agri-Automation

Description : The ever-growing population has created food insecurity in many places of the World.That is why demand for agro-products are increasing day by day.Automation is the only way to sustain the supply to satisfy this demand.There are many case studies which showa how automation has reduced loss and increased agricultural output in many parts of the World.This group shares such case studies within its members.

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